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The Power of Saying Yes

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SBS OneSource provides unique products and quality customer service.

SBS OneSource offers a wide range of building products including exclusive high-end window and door lines. Founded in 2001 by Chris Dias who was guided by the notion that every employee is an expert at what they do. Dias instills in his team the value of building client relationships regardless of how challenging or costly it may be.

Dias is so committed to his clients that he never wants to say no to any of them, says architectural window and door sales manager, Denny Giantomasi.

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“Chris’s commitment to persevere and to always find a solution is part of the reason he is such an influential leader. He is very good at inspiring people because he has a vision unlike anyone else I’ve ever met,” says Giantomasi, who has been with SBS for three years. Dias’ contagious inspiration continues to energize Giantomasi after 35 years in the window and door sales industry. “No matter how rocky the path gets, Chris finds a way to push through because he is willing to take gigantic risks to see his vision through. So that in itself is inspiring and exciting.”

SBS’s customization enabled them to thrive during COVID as more people purchased vacation homes to remodel, rather than travel. With several new exclusive products including UNILUX 窗户 and Doors, PanoramAH, Arcadia Thermal stainless steel windows and doors, FoldUp, and Norwood 窗户, SBS is currently experiencing exponential growth.


Loewen 窗户 is a designer and manufacturer of wood windows and doors, offering a wide range of products. They are SBS’s flagship line and create products that are handcrafted, timeless and functional.

PanoramAH uses the most advanced technology to provide contemporary elegance, made of structurally bonded glass/aluminum sliding units provide up to 300 square feet of glass with a very little frame around it. UNILUX 窗户 and Doors is SBS’s newest product addition. Offering a wide variety of wood finishes, aluminum colors, and window shapes, UNILUX delivers attractive high performing products that are also energy efficient.

“We have a unique offering of products that make us special but it’s the people here who make it happen,” says Giantomasi. “Every decision is based on an evaluation of not only what the customer needs but how we can do it the best way we can.”

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